Would you be able to be one of 100 givers who feed the hungry by giving ₦1,000 Naira for one kid?
Assist Us With having an Effect

Help to take care of less advantage kids in Nigeria. Covid is a bomb that has contacted the existences of everybody; rich, working class and poor, yet the greater inquiry is, who experiences the most its impact? Which individuals have had the best effect? There is no question that the least fortunate individuals of any general public are enduring the worst part of this pandemic.

The Challenge

The eventual fate of oppressed youngsters in Nigeria living on the roads is in haziness. Because of absence of instruction, these youngsters are associated with taking, chronic drug use or are liable to grabbing and sexual maltreatment. These youngsters need love, bliss, directing and direction to live with nobility like other individuals.

The Solution

Under this venture, Helpers Social Development Foundation will furnish road youngsters with a dinner, a toy and a bunch of new garments. We will probably host a get-together on the road where we will be cutting a cake, sharing gifts, singing and hitting the dance floor with oppressed youngsters. The helpless youngsters will have a nutritious and delightful supper including rice, meat, chicken, frozen yogurt and a beverage. This occasion will give them joy which they will appreciate for a long time to come. We plan to take care of 600 less special children in the road. We desire to raise ₦2,700,000 million Naira, by giving more, you are assisting us with taking care of more children.

Long haul Impact

Aides Social Development Foundation will give gifts and food to less special kids in Enugu State. This openness will empower helpless children to unwind, share gifts, share their encounters, and recount to stories in a magnificent new climate outside home for one day with HSDF Volunteers.

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Please consider volunteering with us either fundraising, article writing, grant writing etc.


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